How to Apply for NNPC Recruitment 2021/2022 Application Form | recruitment

How to Apply for NNPC Recruitment 2021/2022 Application Form | recruitment – This article will provide you with the most recent information on NNPC Recruitment as well as instructions on how to apply. So, if you want to work for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), this is the best guide for you; especially if you want to apply as an Intern, Entry Level, or Manager/Experienced. Don’t worry, read this article from beginning to end.

Recruitment for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in 2022/2023

Every sector of the Nigerian economy has its own body that oversees the day-to-day operations of that sector.

The central bank, for example, is in charge of the monetary sector, while the Economic Financial and Crime Commission (EFCC) is in charge of financial crimes, and so on. Similarly, the Nigeria National Petroleum Commission is in charge of monitoring the petroleum sector’s progress and development.

The Nigerian government regulates the country’s petroleum industry through this organization. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPCbusiness )’s operations are monitored by Strategic Business and Corporate Service Units (SBUs) located throughout the country.

As a result, the NNPC has implemented a dependable recruitment strategy to ensure that recruitment exercises are conducted once a year.

The corporation portal is now ready for the 2020 hiring process. It is necessary to have some knowledge of the company you are about to join before you begin your application.

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NNPC Recruitment 2022/2023: General Requirements

Only Nigerians are eligible to apply for this position.
Regardless of the level for which you are applying, you should not be older than 35 years old.
You should be mentally and physically healthy.
You should appear calm and humble, with no bad habits.
An NYSC discharge certificate should be obtained.
Graduate from a reputable and well-known institution.
It is required that you are computer literate.
Applicants with a 2:1 certificate are only allowed to apply with their first degree. Those who have a 2:1 must apply with a master’s degree.

2022/2023: A Brief History Of The Nigerian Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
The NNPC was established on April 1, 1977. The Nigerian National Oil Corporation and the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel merged to form the corporation.

The corporation was given legal authority to manage the business relationships between multinational corporations and the federal government.

Agip, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, Texaco, and Total S.A. are examples of multinational corporations. The Federal Government of Nigeria was able to explore petroleum as a result of productive collaboration with these corporations.

How to Apply for a Job at NNPC

Log in to and select the job category you want to apply for.
Apply only once.
Check all of the information for any errors.
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NNPC Recruitment Deadline

All applicants are required to submit their applications at least 6 weeks after the job opening is announced.


It is advantageous to have knowledge of the function of the company you wish to work for as an applicant. Even if you are not interested in working for the NNPC, it is beneficial to be aware of its responsibilities. This corporation has the authority to supervise, regulate, and oversee all operations related to oil and gas leasing and licensing.

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The production, exploration, and marketing of crude oil and its refined fractions are all part of these operations.
The corporation is also in charge of upstream and downstream development. They regulate the national oil and gas industry through NAPIMS.

The Directorate of Exploration and Production, which is made up of five different Strategic Business Units (SNUs) that function under NNPC, is in charge of the upstream function of NNPC, which includes crude oil production.

National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS), Integrated Data Services Limited (IDLS), Crude Oil Sales Division (COSD), Nigerian Gas Company (NGC), and Nigerian Petroleum Development Company are the five units that make up this body ( NPDC ).

These five SBUs perform a variety of tasks together, including data collection, data analysis and interpretation, surveying, crude oil exploration, production, storage, transportation, and marketing.

The conversion of crude oil into its various fractions is a downstream function (refined and petrochemical output, gas treatments, and finer chemicals). The downstream responsibilities also include petroleum product marketing and transportation.


The equipment that an organization has acquired to increase productivity is the strength of that organization. NNPC’s strength is based on the following facts:In its downstream plants, NNPC has four refineries. These refineries have a daily storage capacity of 445,000 barrels of crude oil.

Two of these refineries are located in Port Harcourt, one in Warri, and the fourth in Kaduna.

This government body also operates three petrochemical plants in Kaduna and Warri, which help to boost downstream operations.

The country has a 5000-kilometer pipeline network, nine LPG depots, and 21 storage depots.


The petroleum industry is one of the most important. As a result, their payment structure is both appealing and solid. Whatever position you are fortunate enough to hold within this organization, you can expect a good salary because they are among the Nigerian local organizations that pay well.

Payment varies depending on job specialization, professionalism, and possibly location, just like in any other organization.
In NNPC, there are three different payment categories:


NNPC allows people to work as learners within the organization. This gives interns the opportunity to learn about organizational fields and how to handle the practical side of their specialization. Depending on the discipline and institution, the internship program can last anywhere from three months to two years.

The entry-level is the position held by a recent graduate. Professional call sales officers are at this level. It is the lowest level of the NNPC.


This is the category of an employee who has gained experience, attended seminars, and risen to a reasonable position within the organization. This is the point at which an NNPC employee starts to earn a lot of money.
The chart below shows their salary range.

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